Seeing that we just celebrated our 100th (what, what!) podcast episode where we each shared what our favorite and most surprising moments on the show were so far (check it out here if you haven’t listened yet), we thought it would also be fun to share our 10 most popular podcast eps.

These are the eps you listened to and downloaded the most of any we released. And while we do love all of our episodes, we have to agree that these are pretty rad.

So read on and listen on below — we’ve included both the player so that you can listen directly to the ep and our fave quote from each show. Prepare to get inspired with our most downloaded guests!

Ep 80: Nutrition Expert Whitney English Tabaie — Part 1 & Part 2

What was your fave Fit Bottomed Girls Podcast ep of the year? We can’t wait to see what shows 2019 brings! But — spoiler — what we already have lined up is spectacular. –Jenn

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