There was a period of time — not so long ago — when the most requested poses in my yoga classes were hip openers. But that is definitely changing.

So many people are now are experiencing the effects of long hours spent in front of computers and mobile devices — all that tech is rapidly becoming a (literal) pain in the neck … and shoulders … and upper back.

In a healthy human skeleton, the cervical spine — which includes all your neck bones — is the most mobile part of your spine. And it’s a good thing because this gives you the ability to nod, gesture “yes” and “no”, and swivel your heads so that your eyeballs can see what’s happening around you.

But, as the saying goes, if you don’t use it, you lose it. So we’re not doing ourselves any favors by orienting our heads in one position for long periods of time staring at mobile devices. Over time, the repetitive pattern of holding our noggins this way creates tightness in the tissues that support and move our skulls around. Ultimately, if left unchecked, not only will your neck be tense and uncomfortable, you may also experience tension headaches and shoulder pain due to the intimate connections this section of your spine has with with the entire upper back and chest.

Sadly, in this modern world though, much of this is unavoidable. Technology is a huge part of how we work, learn, communicate, and maintain relationships.

But the good news is that yoga can help. In fact, it’s one of the best tools for helping alleviate the tightness and discomfort that tends to invade and linger in this area. In many cases, it’s just a matter of routinely moving your bones around through their entire range of motion so that you don’t get stuck in one place as the muscles and connective tissues tighten down around you.

Yoga Routine to Alleviate Tech Neck

This brief yoga practice that’s shown above (or here) is designed to do just that: get you loose and mobile again. Just a few minutes of conscious movement every day can save you a lifetime of aggravation.

Give it a shot and let me know what you think in the comments below.

Could your neck use a little TLC? —Alison 

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