Hey folks, I’ll be serving up a feature in just a little while, but I wanted to share some news this morning. I’ll be on The Dr. Oz Show today, November 7th, talking all about keto living.

Check your local listings because times vary. I can’t wait to hear what you think!

Sneak Peak: https://bit.ly/2yXwHq4
Airtime information: https://bit.ly/2PHJQwZ

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6 thoughts on “Watch Me on Dr. Oz Today”

  1. Mark,

    Great job of getting the Keto message out to the masses!

  2. I think the dr oz show is a large audience to be getting the Keto message to, which is great but I’m wondering what you think of the content of this show? I tend to think it is a lot of pushing questionable nutritional supplements with over exaggerated health benefit claims all “supported” by very bad science

  3. The King of Keto says Dr. Oz! Was really cool seeing you do your thing Mark, kudos, I could never do something like that, you seem like a natural in front of the cameras.

  4. Is this on YouTube ? I put on the PVR to tape it and the election coverage blanked it out – so disappointed.

  5. Ha Ha I just noticed you are wearing shoes.

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