Venus and Serena Williams to Face Off At Australian Open Final

Tennis stars Venus and Serena Williams have always motivated one another, and they’re not stopping now. The pair are set to face off in the Australian Open final on Saturday, meeting for the 28th time and the ninth in a major final, according to

“I am really proud of Venus. She is a total inspiration,” Serena told ESPN. “I am really happy for her, and to be in the final together is a dream for us. She is my toughest opponent. No one has ever beaten me as much as Venus.” 

Serena is expected to win the match, but the outcome isn’t what’s most important to the sisters.

“I feel no matter what, that we have both won, after all we have been through. I know a Williams is going to win this tournament,” Serena said. 

If Serena takes the victory, she’ll have won 23 Grand Slam singles titles and beat Steffi Graf’s Open-era record. 

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