When you’re in the grocery store happily getting your shop on, beef probably looks like, well, beef.


Because when it’s in the package, it’s hard to see any difference between the more expensive grass-fed stuff and the conventional beef beyond the price tag. But, the difference? It’s big, yo.


And a really good way to see exactly why that is? This infographic (below) from ButcherBox. (Oh, btw, we’re an affiliate — and that’s not just cool for us, because it also means that you can save $10 and get free steaks when you sign up for the first time here!)

It breaks down everything from the impact on our environment to what the cows eat to the nutrition the meat has to the drugs the cows are given. If you’ve never thought buying grass-fed beef was important or worth the cost, it’s an eye-opener.


The Difference Between Grass-fed Beef and Supermarket Beef

When you know better, you buy and eat better, huh? And, seriously, don’t forget to take advantage of this offer that’s only available to FBG readers! —Jenn

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