It’s super easy, versatile, delicious, and a nutritional powerhouse. If you want to burn fat, drink your green smoothie.

The nutritional equivalent of eating a salad and then some, green smoothies are packed with vitamins and minerals, filling fiber, and raw food enzymes to aid digestion. Green smoothies are detoxifying, and best of all, alkalizing, which will encourage your body to burn off fat and restore health.

Store-bought “green smoothies” from the bottle are almost always devoid of fiber and packed with preservatives. Those that you buy from smoothie stores are more often than not well-marketed sugar bonanzas.

They’re more like Slurpees. They give smoothies a bad name and people the wrong idea…

This is How NOT to Make a Green Smoothie

(I actually found this on the web recently):

  • 2 cups of vanilla reduced fat ice cream
  • 1 cup orange juice
  • 2/3 cup spinach
  • 1/4 cup brown sugar
  • 3 tablespoons frozen fat free whipped topping

Brown sugar? Ice cream? Whipped cream?

Are you kidding me? This is calorie-soaked, insulin-spiking, devil’s milkshake. And it will make you fat.

That’s why it’s essential that you make your own green smoothie at home.

All you need is a blender, a drawer in your refrigerator with a few random vegetables, and a few minutes of your time.

How to make a proper green smoothie:

So How Do You Make A Green Smoothie?

Simply, you combine the following four categories of ingredients as you see fit:

  • Green (use one or more): Kale; Spinach; Bok choy; Collard greens; Cabbage greens; Swiss Chard; Beet Greens; Sprouts; Cucumber; Broccoli; Celery; Avocado
  • Liquid (use one): Water; Tea, Almond Milk, Coconut Milk, Coconut Water, etc. Also add ice if you like your smoothie chilled.
  • Fruits/veggies (use one or more): Strawberries; Blueberries; Bananas; Apples; Cherries; Coconut; Carrots; Beets (top & root); Lemon & Ginger root; Pumpkin; Tomatoes
  • Add-Ins: Protein Powder (with no added sugar); Chia seeds and/or Flaxmeal (for Omega-3’s); Cinnamon (regulates blood sugar); natural sweetener (stevia, monk fruit); Superfood greens (like Future Greens)

It’s not a science. Green smoothies are stupefyingly simple to make and difficult to mess up. This makes them an ideal man food.

How to make a proper green smoothie: protein powder is great for this kind of shake because it acts as a thickener.

Here’s a pro tip: smoothies with thickness or some kind of “chew factor”, have been scientifically proven to increase how full you feel. More fullness = fewer calories = more fat-burning.

If you want to make a green smoothie but you are skeptical, here is a beginner-friendly version: take kale, banana, mango, water, and ice, combine them, and boom. Yes, it’s weird and green, but don’t be afraid – it’s also delicious.

At first, it struck me as strange that I would be slurping down a lumpy, green, gelatinous sludge in the morning. But once it hits the lips, you’ll be a convert.

After a few weeks, I outright craved green smoothies in the morning. Now my days don’t feel complete until I have one of these in my belly.

Give it a shot. Green smoothies rock.


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How To Get More Greens In Every Day

You may know that I’m not a big fan of most supplements. It’s hard to know if you’re getting what you paid for, and even worse, many supplements, juices, powders, and greens we’ve tried taste terrible.

For example, have you ever noticed that most powdered vegetable mixes taste like fish tank? Don’t even mention fish oil supplements. Once you’ve had fish burps, it’s hard to trust that brand again.

So, that’s why Alyson and I have spent the last 3+ years creating Wild Superfoods, and it’s our goal to give you the very best nutrition the world has to offer.

Now you can get the concentrated nutrition of 15 organic fruits and vegetables plus 6 other superfoods in one extremely convenient ready-to-go package.

We call it Future Greens, and if you’re looking to improve your health, performance, and well-being by doubling your intake of fruits and veggies without the sugar and carbs, you’re going to love it.

Future Greens: It's Like Vegetables From The Future:

With Future Greens, you can whip up your daily green drink in less than 30 seconds, no matter where you are.

The certified organic stevia gives it a subtle sweetness, and it tastes great in water or juice, and we think it even makes our green smoothies taste a whole lot better.

It’s made with certified organic, non-GMO fruits and vegetables to aid in detoxification, balance your body’s pH, and give you a boost of clean energy without sugar, caffeine, or the dreaded crash.

No junk or artificial sweeteners, and just 1 gram of sugar per serving.

With a tasty wild berry flavor, you and your kids won’t even realize you’re eating broccoli and 20 plus powerhouse fruits, veggies, and adaptogens.

The fiber in the kale, spinach, and other greens will help you beat cravings. You won’t even realize you’re eating broccoli.

And when you sign up for a monthly subscription using the Subscribe and Save option, you’ll be locked in to save over 20% off your Future Greens order each month, and we’ll set you up with a free access to our online community, Fat-Burning Tribe ($27/month value)!

The Fat-Burning Tribe is an online community focused on Wild health, fat-loss, fitness, and creating a positive and safe atmosphere to share your health journey. This includes detailed monthly meal plans, a motivation journal, quick-start guide, tons of articles, recipes, demonstration videos and more.

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What are your favorite green smoothie combinations and add-ins? Leave a comment below to share it with us!

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