The first time we hired a sitter for our daughter, I was clueless.

What was the going rate? Should I order her dinner? Do we tip?


After quite a few texts back and forth with my mom tribe, I settled on a rate that felt fair — and decided to order pizza for her and round up the total amount. And it’s worked well ever since.

Although, sometimes I do wonder if it’s the best thing … or if I’m over- or under-paying for my area.


Which is exactly why this infographic from UrbanSitter is so great. It breaks down — by major city — what the average is, along with whether or not tipping and extras are normal, and some other fun facts. It may not give you the perfect answer on what to do, but it certainly helps to know what other parents are doing!

How much do you pay your sitter? And how does that stack up to the national average? I was right around my area’s average. Phew! —Jenn

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