Ever do a workout and think: wow, that was so fun I want to share it with EVERYONE I KNOW?

Well, that’s exactly what this partner workout was like for me. I did it at the Fit Pit with a buddy as laid out below, but you could certainly apply the overall concept — a 15-minute AMRAP where you each take turns doing certain moves — to fit (ha, “fit,” get it?) whatever equipment or space you have access to. For example, you could easily swap the run or row for a minute or two of high knees, jogging in place or jump rope, and the kettlebell swings and push-presses could become lunges, push-ups or tricep dips. Feel free to get creative — but definitely push the pace.

How a You Go I Go Workout Works

Partner 1 will do the first move (run or row 200m as listed below) and as soon they’re done, partner 2 will do the same move. As soon as they are done, partner 1 will do the second move (kettlebell swings or push presses) and then, once they’re finished, partner 2 will do it. Keep repeating this pattern until 15 minutes is up!

Want to make it a touch harder? Of course you do, you badass you. While your partner runs or rows, try holding a plank!

You Go I Go Workout 1

15 Minute AMRAP:

You Go I Go Workout 2

15 Minute AMRAP:

Let’s hear it for the YGIG workout! Have any other partner workouts you love? We’ve got other fun ideas here. —Jenn

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