It has been a while since I’ve blogged about how magnificent yoga is and the fabulous benefits that come with practicing yoga daily, this news is becoming old and a refreshing new approach can be seen through the life we are living at this present moment. Here are 3 Questions you can ask yourself as to whether yoga is one element that is missing in your life…

What are your triggers, what makes you tick in that head of yours?

A lot of the time, our cognitive state is linked to some sort of a trigger. Whether it be a place, colour, a persons tone of voice – the reason you react to certain circumstances differently to others is due to the lack of awareness of what those triggers are and how to identify those triggers to ensure that your life isn’t all about reacting and more about attracting all the wonders that this world has to offer. Yoga brings that awareness of self to surface, the inner body awakens and the discoveries and mysteries that you wonder about daily start to make sense – what you see, hear, touch, feel, taste. The power of self-control is so rewarding.

The life you live now, is it real or surreal?


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I remember as a teenager, roaming around the school grounds in a depressive gaze, feeling as though I was floating on a cloud and the world was passing by, day dream after day dream. The reason for this lack of connection was due to being so susceptible and influenced by my surroundings and having lost that awareness of my authentic self. Reaching deep within and turning on that “life” switch can seem impossible, especially when your perception of life is completely warped, here again, the pranayama techniques learnt (breath control exercises) and working deep within the muscle tissue when holding a yoga pose assists to awaken those closed minded perceptions.

Do you suffer from ailments that make you feel detached and vulnerable to exercise?


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Joint pain, headaches, backache, anxiety… those moments when you hear that voice inside your head scream “I CAN’T, I am too stiff, too depressed, too old, too tired, too overworked”.

This can all change when you start to feed your body and mind with healing affirmations, RRR technique in yoga (Resist, Release, Relax) eventually finding your way back to gaining control over those ailments. Those ailments weren’t with you when you were born. You weren’t meant to feel pain and live a debilitating life, or else, what would be the purpose?

3 Questions, 3 connections – connect your body, mind and soul when practicing yoga daily.