Dairy-Free Blueberry Pancakes: A Healthy Cheat Meal? 1

Daiya Foods’ plant-based Greek Yogurt Alternative (GYA) is dairy-, soy-, and gluten-free. Made from a blend featuring pea protein and coconut, creamy GYA is bursting with real fruit and carries 150 calories and 8g of protein per cup. GYA is available in peach, strawberry, black cherry, and blueberry. daiyafoods.com

Blend all ingredients until oats are fully broken down and batter is smooth and frothy. Let batter sit and thicken for 2–3 minutes.
Coat skillet with light layer of oil and preheat over medium heat.
Pour batter onto skillet until desired size of pancakes is reached and cook about 5 minutes, flipping halfway, until bubbles begin to form on the tops.
Serve with remaining yogurt or your favorite topping.

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