This original live-looped song, Cook up your veggies in bacon fat, was written, performed and filmed live in one take in 360° video with spatial audio by Abel James. Thanks for listening.

Look around the video by either pressing the arrows in the navigation circle in the top-left corner of the video, or simply click and drag with your mouse. If you have a VR Headset, move your head around to hear the 360 degree spatial audio.

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Song Lyrics – Cook up your veggies in bacon fat

Cook up your veggies in bacon fat.
That’s where it’s at.
That’s where it’s at.
Oh yah.
Oh yah.
Cook up your veggies in bacon fat.
That’s where it’s at.
That’s where it’s at.
That’s where it’s at.
That’s where it’s at.
That’s where it’s at.
That’s where it’s at.
I said cook up your veggies in bacon fat.
That’s where it’s at.


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Music/Audio Gear:
Sennheiser e935
Boss RC-505
Teenage Engineering OP-1
Zoom ARQ
Boss GT-1
Boss Katana Artist
Traveler Guitar EG-1 Custom
Talyor 814CE
Roland Juno-DS
Logic Pro Mellotron triggered by MIDI

360 Video:
Ricoh Theta V

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