Weightlifting phenom CJ Cummings is back at it again breaking his own record. At the 2016 USA American Open in Orlando, Florida Cummings snatched 138kg which was 1kg more then when he set the record earlier in June according tothebarbellspin.com. He also extended his record in the clean and jerk with a 183kg lift from back in October at the 2016 Youth World Weightlifting Championships in Penang, Malaysia. 

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This young man is an absolute beast. Here he is training a few weeks ahead of the competition with lighter weights and snatching off blocks.

Cummings wasn’t the only young lifter to make history at the event. Harrison Maurus in the 77kg weight class also made some noise as he boosted his own records in the snatch at 146kg and the clean and jerk total at 328kg, according to teamusa.org.

Check out the video below.

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