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Mark Divine: The Way Of The Seal, Your Best Defense & How to Win At Anything

Today’s show is someone you’ve seen around here before. Mark Divine is an expert around human performance when it comes to mental toughness, leadership, and being a physically ready for anything. Mark is a true Renaissance man, as you’ll see on this show. He’s a former top ranked Navy SEAL, CPA and MBA professor,...

Cliff Hodges: Wilderness Survival and How to Prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse

You know the old question, “Who would you want to be stranded on a desert island with?” My answer—Cliff Hodges. Why?  Because he will keep me alive. Today we’re on the show with Cliff Hodges, wilderness survival educator, founder of Adventure Out, and former host of National Geographic’s Remote Survival. On this show with Cliff, we get...

Shaun T: My Diet Is Better Than Yours, Butter in His Coffee, & Why He Married a Cartoon

We have a very special episode with my buddy, the one and only Shaun T. He’s the creator of Insanity, Cize, and host of My Diet is Better Than Yours. Shaun has a HUGE heart. I think he’s one of the most inspirational people in fitness. He truly cares about people and can help...

How You Can Lose Fat, Get Fit, and Build Muscle by Exercising Less

There is common assumption that more exercise is better. It isn’t. What if I told you that you could get lean, lose body fat, and build muscle by exercising less? Well, that’s exactly what I did. Read on to see how. Cardio Doesn’t Really Burn Fat If getting lean were as straightforward as lacing up your shoes...

Wild Carne Asada Bowl: What to Eat On Taco Tuesday

Wild Carne Asada Bowl   Skip the Carbs & Dig Into This Wild Carne Asada Bowl Author: Alyson Rose Serves: 4 - 8 Ingredients 2 pounds skirt steak 3 whole dried ancho chiles, stems and seeds removed 3 whole fresh jalapeno chilies, stems and seeds...

Jim Kwik: 10 Simple Tricks To Boost Brain Power & Upgrade Your Memory

This show is with a personal friend of mine who I think has the best name ever for a brain and learning expert—Jim Kwik. We’ll be talking about how you can tune up your brain, on the spot, in real time… and what it was like to hang with the entire cast of X-Men. Here’s...

The Dangers of Grilling Meat (and What You Should Do Instead)

When it comes to your health, how you cook your food matters. While diet gurus bicker about what you should put on your plate, few talk about how you should actually cook and prepare your food. What if how you prepare your food is just as important as what you’re eating? Click To Tweet In this...

Max Lugavere: Bread Head, Preventing Alzheimer’s, & Why Sugar Makes Us Dumb

You may know Max Lugavere as host of Al Gore’s Emmy-nominated “Current TV.”  Max has a brand-new documentary in the works—Bread Head which explores the effects of diet on brain health and degenerative disease. The choices you make at the kitchen table now have a marked impact on how you think, how you age,...

Maple Bacon Duck Burgers with Caramelized Onion

Maple Bacon Duck Burgers with Caramelized Onion   These Maple Bacon Duck Burgers rock and literally take about 15 minutes to make. Author: Abel James Serves: 4 Ingredients 1 pound pasture-raised ground duck 2 slices nitrate-/nitrite-free bacon ½ tablespoon 100% pure maple syrup 1...

Alyson Rose: Fasting for Women, Pro Video Gaming, and Why Burst Training Rules

A lot of people have been asking for a more intimate peek into what our own personal habits look like, especially to see what my wife Alyson does.  So, guess who’s on this week’s podcast?  Yep—my lovely wife and creator of the ridiculously delicious Choconut Cookie, Alyson Rose. You’re going to love this show...


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