How To Overcome Sex Addiction Effectively?

Addiction to sex is a treatable disorder which affects a large number of individuals.  Many individuals may not be aware that they...

Why suntan lotions don't work for most

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Artificial Intelligence and All-Natural Wisdom: The Revolution in Healthcare

Healthcare is as much a laboratory for medical science as it is a proving ground for computer science. That is, advancements in...

How You Can Take Your Game To The Next Level Regardless of Sport

The one question that many athletes ask coaches after a poor performance is that of “How do I take my game to...

Ben & Jerry’s Sued for Misleading Customers

By Dr. Mercola Ben & Jerry's, loved by so many because of its environmentally friendly image, is being sued by Organic Consumers Association (OCA), which alleges its do-good reputation and marketing campaigns are all "smoke and mirrors."1 In the lawsuit against Ben & Jerry's and their parent company, Unilever, filed...

Weekly Health Quiz: Pesticides, Saffron and Sugar

1 Research suggests humans are able to derive energy from sunlight through consumption of which plant substance? Plant alkaloids Bee Royal Jelly Tannins Chlorophyll Research shows humans are able to derive energy from sunlight through consumption of plant chlorophyll, found in dark green vegetables, algae such as chlorella and cyanobacteria such as spirulina. Learn more. 2 DNA testing has...


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