10 Reasons to Support Mercury-Free Dentistry

By Dr. Mercola It's Mercury Awareness Week — a time when I focus on how and why we, together, can end the use of dental amalgam, which has no role in 21st century dentistry. By now you likely know that amalgam dental fillings are 50 percent mercury — a toxic...

Your Body on Flaxseed

When you care about nutrition, you always look for the next thing to add to your nutritional regimen. You fill your diet with whole (that is, unprocessed) foods, especially vegetables,...

The Benefits of Sermorelin and Ipamorelin

Sermorelin and Ipamorelin are growth hormones; or in simple terms, hormones that stimulate growth. They are natural hormones, found in both animals and plants. Most people accentuate growth hormones with...

Babies in prams 'exposed to more pollution'

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The Organic Corporate Takeover

By Dr. Mercola For many Americans, the organic label on a food represents a superior product, one that's free from pesticides and other agricultural chemicals and farmed using sustainable agricultural practices. Many would be surprised to learn, however, that in many cases organic companies are owned by multinational conglomerates, ...

How Factory Farms Pump, Poison and Pollute the Earth

By Dr. Mercola Up to 40 percent of drinking water worldwide comes from underground waterways that make up largely uncharted aquifer systems, some containing water that's tens of thousands of years old. When NASA published a study of global underground water reserves, they found 37 major aquifer systems — 21 of which were at...

Top 5 Ways to Treat Meth Addiction

Getting hooked to the use of meth can be so easy, but stopping it can be quite hard. In most cases, you find individuals trying as much as they can...

Updates on the Fight for Mercury-Free Dentistry

By Dr. Mercola In this interview, Charlie Brown, founder of Consumers for Dental Choice, provides us with an update to the global mercury-free dentistry campaign you've so generously helped us support through the past eight years. We are now incredibly close to the ultimate finish line, thanks to Brown's persistent and dedicated efforts and your...


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