How to Nail the Perfect Push-Up

Courtesy of Les Mills What’s one of the most badass things you can do? Bust out push-ups with perfect form. And we’ve got tips for doing just that (because, yes, you CAN DO IT!) from Les Mills.  Tips for Nailing Your Push-Ups Courtesy of Les Mills To really nail your push-up...

Simple Green Meals and a Cauliflower Taco Recipe

Jen Hansard first made a name for herself with her site, Simple Green Smoothies — and her first cookbook by the same name solidified her status as a wellness expert. And now that she’s come out with her second cookbook, Simple Green Meals, we wanted to catch...

7 Hilarious Parenting Instagram Accounts to Follow

If you fill your Instagram feed with the right accounts, every time you open your feed, it can be a breath of fresh air. via GIPHY Or, you can have a sparkling-water-shoots-out-of-your-nose kinda thing happen from uncontrollable laughter. via GIPHY While I like both, when it comes to parenting, I prefer...

Our Faves and Exclusive Deals for FBG Readers

The best things in life are shared (like the immature gourd joke we’re clearly cracking up about in the photo above). So, we thought it would be fun to compile a list of our all-time fave stuff. The stuff we use every day, recommend to others and simply...

On Your Mark, Get Set, Give

Cleaning out my closet is one of those activities that’s not always easy, but I’m always, always happy once I’ve done it — especially when I’ve done it really thoroughly. It’s kind of like a tough workout in that way, right? You approach it with mixed emotions —...

Faces and Filters and Feelings (Oh My!)

Let’s have a little chat about how we see ourselves. And not in a big picture, abstract, finding-your-place-in-the-world way, but in an actual close-your-eyes-and-picture-your-face way. What do you see? And — here’s the million dollar question: Where does that visual come from? via GIPHY In a world of Photoshop and...

Popping Bottles (and a Review) of FitVine

Nothing says HOLIDAY CELEBRATION (or, any celebration, really, but ’tis the season) like popping some bottles. via GIPHY And we recently got a few new bottles to pop from FitVine. You know, the wine that’s made for people who work out, with less sugar, fewer sulfites, and no flavor...

How To Build More Muscular Arms

Here are 9 tips to build more muscular arms.  To sweeten the pot, I’m also giving you the best 10 exercises and a workout to get started. 99 percent of men want more muscular...

6 Ways to Get in a Workout With a Toddler

Getting a work out in with a toddler is easy! Said no one. Ever. And that’s just why we’re sharing this guest post and tips on how to do it — and make it fun — from Andrea Speir, owner of Speir Pilates based in Santa Monica, Cali., and...

Podcast Ep 99: Certified Life Coach Shirin Eskandani

From her experience on stage at New York’s Metropolitan Opera to the pursuit of her second calling as a life coach, Shirin Eskandani of Whole-Hearted Coaching brings joy, inspiration, and laughter to all aspects of her life — including her interview with us for this ep of...


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