2018 Noshies: The Best Food, Beverage and Kitchen Products

It’s party time in the Fit Bottomed World! We’re celebrating our birthday week over at Fit Bottomed Girls with fantastic giveaways, great content, and some pretty exciting news. And because all the best parties are full of deliciousness, we’re getting in on the action by announcing the winners of...

2018 Mommies: The Best Products for Moms, Kids and Families

In case you haven’t heard, it’s an exciting week here in the Fit Bottomed World … it’s birthday week over at Fit Bottomed Girls! And while we’re going to be unveiling a pretty big and exciting new change soon (squeal!), today we’re gonna help FBG party by...

No B.S Core Training For Great Abs, Powerful Athleticism, and a Healthy Back (3-D Core Training, Part One)

Conflicting theories are everywhere when it comes to training your core. Instagram fitness models preach the benefits of a crunching gizmo or (gasp) a vibrating belt. The “functional” trainer at the gym (who doesn’t even...

The 10-10-10 Workout

We all have our birthday traditions, right? via GIPHY Some folks start their big day with a special breakfast, while others take the day off work to do something exciting (or relaxing — which can actually be pretty exciting if your everyday life doesn’t really allow for that, right?). via GIPHY Us? Well, we think a birthday...

Giveaway: 10 Essential Items for Your Home Gym

Wouldn’t it be cool to have a home gym stocked with the essentials? One that just, like, arrived at your doorstep? via GIPHY Well, guess, what? In honor of our 10-year birthday (get all the deets and special posts here) and because you guys are awesome, we’ve taken our affiliate relationship with ProSource to the...

Looking Back on a Freakin’ Decade of Fit Bottomed Girls — And Sharing What’s to Come

Can you believe that — this week — Fit Bottomed Girls is celebrating its 10th anniversary? via GIPHY Yes, that’s a decade. via GIPHY WE KNOW. via GIPHY And over that decade, A LOT of things have happened. And changed. And grown. And evolved. via GIPHY In that time, we’ve started three verticals in addition to Fit Bottomed Girls — Fit...

Giveaway: Brooks Running Apparel From Head to Toe

We’re kicking off our 10th birthday with an amazing giveaway (and so much more — catch it all right here!), thanks to our friends at Brooks Running. Our love of all things Brooks Running is no secret. We dig the brand so much that we’ve been Brooks ambassadors and an affiliate for years. I mean,...

15 Workout Songs We’re Celebrating Our Birthday With

Next week, we’re turning 10. Ten! A whole decade of Fit Bottomedness up in here. And because this is, ahem, a big deal (with — teaser — a pretty big announcement!), we are getting this party started off right … and early. via GIPHY And we’re doing it the best way we know how: with...

The Party Animal Meathead: 5 Ways To Lose Weight While Drinking Booze

Guest Post By Brian DonovanOkay, okay. I admit it. The headline The Party Animal Meathead: How To Lose Weight While Drinking Booze is a bit over the top. I’ll blame my sleazy and evil editor. He made me do it.But here’s the point. It’s almost true. Kinda/sorta. The point is you can drink sensibly...

Five Ways To Avoid Feeling Bloated On The Paleo Diet

Guest Post By Matt TerryMany people experience many benefits from the Paleo diet, which steers clear of processed foods. Paleo focuses on meat, fish, veggies, berries, seeds and other stuff cavemen supposedly ate.Many Paleo followers eat better, feel better, and lose more weight than they ever thought possible.Many (but not all) Paleo followers...


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