What You May Get When You Nurture Your Child’s Voice

I’m big on adventuring with my children. I love adventuring in different ways, such as taking them on public transportation rides. I do my best parenting in public because I’m out of my comfort zone and my senses are altered by my surroundings. Being in public with...

Podcast Ep 91: Florida State Rep. Margaret Good

Florida Democratic state Rep. Margaret Good became a huge media story on February 13, 2018, when she won her seat in a special election for District 72 (a district with a republican-leaning history). The Sarasota resident, who is also a Leader of the Florida Bar, took the big leap...

What It’s Really Like to Train for a CrossFit Competition

Credit: Mike Cadotte, MidAtlantic Photography So I did a thing … well, two things actually. Let me back up a bit first. At the end of last year, I felt myself wanting a change. I mean, I really love running but I was feeling less and less inspired by...

Hiking (and More!) in Virginia’s Blue Ridge

There are a million things I love about living in Florida — beach access, great winter running weather, the fact that I rarely go anywhere that requires more formal footwear than sneakers or flip flops, for example. But … the total lack of mountains is not one of...

Rethinking the 8-Hour Workday

At the turn of the 20th century, the eight-hour workday was a triumph for labor activists. Prior to this set schedule, laborers often faced little pay, harsh working conditions, and exhausting hours. While the eight-hour workday came out of a humanitarian labor movement and uplifted the Industrial...

Rest Pause Training For Rapid Muscle Growth

Training to failure is a popular way method to maximize muscle growth. The only problem?Excessive cortisol release, often from extremely high training volumes is the number one training mistake non-drug using men make. This...

4 Ways to Make Your Smoothie Even Cooler

Who here loves their daily smoothie? via GIPHY Even if you more or less make the same smoothie day after day (uhhh, guilty), there’s no reason you can’t switch up the nutrition you’re adding to that tall, cool glass of yum. Here are four options we’ve tried — and...

What Antibiotics Do and Don’t Treat (And Why It’s Really Important To Use Them Correctly)

This is a post prepared under a contract funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and written on behalf of the Mom It Forward Influencer Network for use in CDC’s Be Antibiotics Aware educational effort. Opinions on this blog are my own and do not...

A Special Seattle Weekend With Brooks Running

It’s one thing to be pumped about a getting a package in the mail containing new running shoes and workout clothes from a beloved brand — but our ambassador role with Brooks Running goes way beyond that. We’ve embraced this role for six years now, and every...

Destress and Calm Yourself With These Yoga Poses

There’s, ahem, a lot to get worked up about these days. But, when we’re all stressed out and freaking out, we simply cannot go out and do the things we need to do in this world. Without taking care of ourselves, we can’t be of service to...


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