Five Fatal Fitness Mental Roadblocks (And How To Overcome Them)

Most lifters have the drive and knowledge to eat and train their way to a high-performance body. But few succeed. Why? They fail to do what’s most important and makes all the difference:...

The Mompreneur Calling B.S. on Clothing Sizes

San Francisco-based Meghan Litchfield is a former e-commerce executive turned entrepreneur who was fed up with clothes that didn’t fit. After having two kids, her proportions had naturally changed — as had those of most of her friends. Rather than blame her body, she asked the radical...

30 Best Workout Songs of 2018

It was a GOOD year for workout music. Here’s the proof … and the best workout songs of 2018 playlist you’ll want to put on repeat. Best Workout Songs of 2018 No Roots by Alice Merton Lemon by N.E.R.D and Rihanna Taki Taki by DJ Snake featuring Selena Gomez, Ozuna, Cardi B Knockout...

10 Most Popular Podcast Guests of 2018

Seeing that we just celebrated our 100th (what, what!) podcast episode where we each shared what our favorite and most surprising moments on the show were so far (check it out here if you haven’t listened yet), we thought it would also be fun to share our...

You Are Not Your To-Do List

We did an Insta story a few weeks ago on productivity. But it wasn’t the type of advice that you normally read. You know, the kind where you learn a new way to shave 30 seconds off some boring or mundane part of your day. Actually, it was...

Foods Proven to Boost Immunity

We’re well into the season for giving — which, of course, isn’t limited to just gifts and gratitude. This time of year, germs seem to be everywhere. And if you’re like me and do a bit of traveling during the holiday season, well, steering clear of all the...

How A Busy Colorado Attorney Deadlifted 435 pounds and Built Six Pack Abs Without Living In The Gym

If you’re like most people you want to look great naked without living in the gym.  Fitness can’t consume your life; rather, it must improve how you look, feel, and perform.This is Rob...

75 Gluten-Free Snacks for Kids

If you’ve got a kiddo who’s gluten-free or celiac snack-time can be, well, a bit of a minefield. via GIPHY Because you want your kiddo to feel included and normal — but when they can’t eat the animal crackers being passed around playgroup … via GIPHY Not to mention that the...

Podcast Ep 101: Ultra Runner Entrepreneur Jax Mariash

Get ready for some caffeination and motivation in this ep with ultra runner and coffee entrepreneur Jax Mariash. Because, wow, does this woman have an amazing amount of energy and wisdom to spare! Jax is a professional ultra runner who was the first woman in the world to...

5 Ways to Upgrade Your Fit Life

Everyone loves a good upgrade, right? via GIPHY But, hey, upgrades aren’t just for airplanes or rental cars or hotels. They can also be for your fit life. via GIPHY And we’ve got five fun upgrades that we recently tried and think are pretty rad. via GIPHY Upgrade Your Sports Bra There tend to...


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