Popping Bottles (and a Review) of FitVine

Nothing says HOLIDAY CELEBRATION (or, any celebration, really, but ’tis the season) like popping some bottles. via GIPHY And we recently got a few new bottles to pop from FitVine. You know, the wine that’s made for people who work out, with less sugar, fewer sulfites, and no flavor...

How To Build More Muscular Arms

Here are 9 tips to build more muscular arms.  To sweeten the pot, I’m also giving you the best 10 exercises and a workout to get started. 99 percent of men want more muscular...

6 Ways to Get in a Workout With a Toddler

Getting a work out in with a toddler is easy! Said no one. Ever. And that’s just why we’re sharing this guest post and tips on how to do it — and make it fun — from Andrea Speir, owner of Speir Pilates based in Santa Monica, Cali., and...

Podcast Ep 99: Certified Life Coach Shirin Eskandani

From her experience on stage at New York’s Metropolitan Opera to the pursuit of her second calling as a life coach, Shirin Eskandani of Whole-Hearted Coaching brings joy, inspiration, and laughter to all aspects of her life — including her interview with us for this ep of...

How to Make Stretching a Daily Habit

Credit: Jorge Quinteros There are those of us who are naturally flexible. via GIPHY And then there are those of us who are not. via GIPHY I tend to fall in the later camp. And I like to complain about it. However, to be honest, I’ve never made a regular go of...

Yoga Poses That Help With Seasonal Depression

Change of season and/or the holidays got you feeling less like yourself? You’re not alone. According to Psychology Today, holiday stress ramps up tenfold when you have anxiety — and more than 40 million U.S. adults are affected. Not to mention that there are about 3 million cases...

Gluten-Free Vegan Quinoa Burger

Looking for an alternative to the traditional burger — maybe one that’s good for you, packs plenty of plant-based protein, but doesn’t sacrifice flavor? This gluten-free veggie burger recipe from A.Vogel features quinoa and veggies, contains all the essential amino acids, is a great source of B...

How to Have a Morning Ritual as a Mom

How would you describe your mornings as a mom? via GIPHY Yeah, yeah, I hear you, mama. via GIPHY So, when I started to attempt to create a morning ritual for myself, I had this expectation. via GIPHY But it ended up more like this. via GIPHY Because my little would wake up early, or...

Running After Dark: Tips and Gear to Keep You Safe

If the cooler temps have your little runner heart going like this: via GIPHY But the fact that it’s getting dark so dang early has you more like this: via GIPHY Well, we’ve got some gear — and tips! — from Brooks Running that you’re gonna dig so hard. Because running...

New Workout Tracks for November

New month got you craving some new tunes for your workouts? via GIPHY Hey, us, too! And we’ve found eight tracks to freshen that workout playlist right up. They’re basically like this, but for your earbuds: via GIPHY (We’re not the only ones who remembers those Noxzema commercials, right?!) Enjoy! Say My Name, David...


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