Get Your Leg Day in at Home

Fun news here! We’re partnering up with the good peeps at PaleoHacks to bring you some new recipes (like this immunity-boosting soup), workouts, tips, and more! PaleoHacks is a top source for amazing Paleo recipes, fitness tips, and wellness advice to help you live life to the fullest. Read on for a leg...

Three Brands Inspiring Us to Do Better

Every year, as Earth Day approaches, I find myself paying a little extra attention to the ways — both big and small — that I can help protect our environment. I try to bike or walk instead of drive when possible, I always bring reusable bags when I go to the supermarket, and...

Healthy Obsession: Perfect Bites

You know those times when you just want a little something to snack on? Like, you don’t need an entire protein bar, but you want a few bites of something tasty and satisfying? I have a lot of those times — before I go to the grocery store, when I’m beginning to prep a...

5 Reasons Why I’m a Protiva Mom

This post is sponsored by Protiva. For our sponsored post policy, click here. The last time I was pregnant, nutrition was super important for me. After all, what you eat helps support every amazing thing your body is doing — not to mention that your nutritional needs change once you’re growing...

Podcast Ep 110: Entrepreneur and Natural Beauty Expert Cheryl Mitchell

This ep is just so fresh! We’re talking about business, essential oils, and natural beauty products with Cheryl Mitchell, founder and creator of Miss Doyle’s Soapery and the Inspire Bath & Body products that we’ve been swooning over for months now, ever since Inspire Bath came on as a podcast sponsor. After surviving three...

Everything You Need to Know About Toxin-Free Fitness

When you head to your fitness facility, you’re pursuing health and wellness through exercise. But there’s a possibility that your efforts at the gym could actually hinder your vitality by exposing you to pollution and toxins. via GIPHY This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go to the gym! Still, a...

See You in a Month … on the Beach!

You guys feel that excitement? via GIPHY Because we do! via GIPHY We’re about a month out from our Love Yourself Healthy Retreat at H3! So, right now, we’re putting the final touches on our sessions to make this an event that you’ll leave you feeling not just more empowered and...

Eco-Friendly Yoga Freshness

We always love checking out products from new (at least, new-to-us!) brands that align with the values we hold dear — especially when the products in question are truly revolutionary. Recently, we’ve had the chance to give two products that check all the boxes a try: the...

3 Not So Secret Habits Guaranteed To Get You The Physique You’ve Always Wanted

Guest Post By Gabriel Zhañay A funny thing happens when you look in the mirror these days, but it’s not “funny-funny.” More like “funny-weird.”  Or even “funny-yuck!” You don’t like what you see. You...

Making Tasty Smoothies Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

We love tasty smoothies. You love tasty smoothies. And we just tried a service that makes getting those tasty smoothies in your belly totes easy — and good for you. (And filling. Because making a smoothie only to be hangry an hour later sucks.) Say hello to SmoothieBox. Delivered...


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