So…Sidney Crosby Nearly Hacked Off Marc Methot's Finger

  Sidney Crosby has officially earned the title of the “Ice Grim Reaper.” The Pittsburgh Penguins star made a bloody mess of Ottawa Senator Marc Methot's finger during Thursday night’s game. No penalty was called, and Crosby went about his business for the rest of the tilt as Methot left the game and will not return...

Bodybuilder 'Jujimufu' Spars With MMA Fighter Shane Fazen

If you don’t know who Jon Call is, it’s about time you get to know this crazy beast. Call, also know by his Instagram moniker 'Jujimufu,' became a sensation when he posted a video of his unique weighted chair split. If you haven’t seen it, watch below. 'The Anabolic Acrobat', as some call him, is...

I Went to Cryotherapy and this is What Happened

On a recent Thursday morning, I found myself stripped down to my undergarments, a pair of mittens, socks, and clogs. I was standing in a padded cylindrical tank hovering somewhere around -188°F, with only my head avoiding the extreme cold. My goal: to experience whole- body cryotherapy...

The Secret to Mastering Perfect Lifting Form

<!--><!--> <!--><!--> Cultura RM Exclusive/Corey Jenkins / GettyWhether it’s hitting a killer first serve or doing an Olympic lift, it pays to keep practicing even after you think you’ve got it down pat. A recent study from the journal Nature Neuroscience found that to cement your skill and create a shift in the part of the brain where...

Gal Godot Says Wonder Woman Would Defeat Thor in Battle

<!--><!--> <!--><!--> Clay Enos/ TM & © DC ComicsPeople always love debating the age-old question of who would win an epic battle between two mighty warriors. The two in question for this dream battle are Wonder Woman and Thor. With both loaded with unique talents and abilities to easily defeat mere mortals, how would the superheroes...

The Ultimate Shoulder Workout for the Advanced Lifter

<!--><!--> <!--><!--> Getty / GeorgijevicBroad, well-developed shoulders are the indisputable piece of anatomy that adds more to a physique than any other body part. The benefits go beyond cosmetic—both the cage fighter and the recreational YMCA basketball player gain an edge from having strong, developed deltoids. Muscle & Fitness has great articles for the newbie and intermediate lifter...


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