How to Make Burpees Less Miserable

Burpees … the thing we all love to hate. There’s no shortage of memes out there that speak to the misery that burpees inflict upon us. Like this one… Or this one …Oh wait, or this one … But for real though, I could go on and on. I recently listened...

5 Ways to Turn Your Irritation Into Mindfulness

Although it may seem ridiculous, turning irritation into mindfulness will allow you to quickly get over an annoying incident and be much happier in the end. Recently, I was given this challenge at home. My daughter, who had her hair dyed pink, took a shower and left the white...

Nailing the Godmother Game From Afar

The role of the godparent has, in many cases, expanded far beyond being involved in a kid’s religious upbringing, and often, being considered an auntie has less to do with being sharing the same relatives and more to do with sharing a deep bond with the offspring...

Podcast Ep 89: Travel Expert JetSetSarah

Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon, freelance writer and “jet-setter-in-chief” for, is an expert on traveling (and shopping!), and she specializes in the Caribbean. Rough job, we’re sure, but happily this woman is more than up to the task! She brings her travel, beauty, fashion, and shopping advice to the...

Hot Tech to Heat Up Your Workouts

To get in an awesome workout, all you really need is a plan, some space, and the desire to get your groove on. via GIPHY Well, and maybe also a sports bra and a hair tie and sneakers, and perhaps a set of weights … you know what I...

7 Hot New Workout Jams for July

We’re coming up on another hot month. via GIPHY So, here are some new hot tracks to help you to keep burning up those workouts! (And — pssst! — if you need workouts to do, we’ve got a slew of free ones here.) via GIPHY Sangria Wine, Pharrell Williams & Camila...

How to Build a Campfire

For outdoor wilderness enthusiasts, balmy summer weather is a reason to celebrate. My friends and I love soaking up the summer sun out on the lake or river. We try to take full advantage of gorgeous summer days by playing outside as much as possible — and...

Healthy Obsession: Watermelon Everything

Summer came on fast and furiously here in the Washington, DC area — as it always does. And right on schedule, I found myself standing in the produce aisle on my weekly trip to the grocery store drooling over the watermelon stand. Nothing says summer like watermelon. But...

Podcast Ep 88: Feminist, Photographer & Entrepreneur Kyle Hepp

A self-described “serial entrepreneur who’s never had a real job,” Kyle Hepp is an internationally recognized wedding photographer, a CrossFitter who has placed top 10 in Chile’s female CrossFit rankings for several years, author of the book “The Maternal Instinct Myth,” and is in the process of seeking...

How Much to Pay Your Sitter

The first time we hired a sitter for our daughter, I was clueless. What was the going rate? Should I order her dinner? Do we tip? via GIPHY After quite a few texts back and forth with my mom tribe, I settled on a rate that felt fair — and...


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