Does This Wearable Really Deliver Mindfulness?

These days we’ve got trackers that monitor, well, just about everything: steps, workouts, heart rate, sleep, your dog’s activity … (We are truly living in the future.) via GIPHY And now we can add another thing to that trackable list (and it’s pretty darn cool): mindfulness. Yep, by monitoring breathing patterns that...

The Matador Diet Study: How to Lose Fat Dieting Two Weeks at Time

Lots of people train hard and try to eat healthy, but struggle to lose fat and build the body they want. They fall prey to fads and gimmicks. They’re sick of being out...

Protein for Dessert: 5 Delicious Ideas

Everyone likes dessert. via GIPHY But dessert that tastes great and has protein in it so that it helps to keep you full and doesn’t give you a big ol’ sugar crash like some sweet treats? via GIPHY Here are five types of protein-filled desserts doing that for us now. Right...

Conversation Starters for You and Your Child

I remember wondering — during most of my postpartum period — what was going on in my baby’s head. I would turn to my partner as my baby cried and ask him, “What do you think our baby is thinking right now? Why do you think he...

5 Ways to Be Prepared for a Tragedy at Your Gym

About a month ago, I was at the gym when tragedy struck. We had a fellow member (and friend) collapse on the bike. Myself and others at the gym immediately jumped to his aid — performing CPR, administering an AED, calling 911, and getting the area ready...

This Fall Yoga Line Has Us Seeing Hearts

It’s a new season, and we don’t know about y’all, but we have been seriously craving some time on the mat. Whether it’s in the studio or just at home — stretching, reaching and taking up space just feels, well, rather lovely. via GIPHY And the new KiraGrace Houndstooth Collection...

Yoga to Alleviate Tech Neck

There was a period of time — not so long ago — when the most requested poses in my yoga classes were hip openers. But that is definitely changing. So many people are now are experiencing the effects of long hours spent in front of computers and mobile...

Food Fight: Nooma vs. BodyArmor LYTE

Coconut water continues to be a darling of health-focused athletes everywhere, and for good reason. It’s a super hydration source, and it tastes good to boot. So it’s no wonder we’ve received samples of a couple of different sports drinks that utilize coconut water — in addition...

How To Build A Muscular Chest

Here are 7 tips to build a chiseled chest. To sweeten the pot, I’m also giving you the best 10 exercises and a chance to add inches to your chest. Let’s roll. Most men...

Household Tasks That Improve Your Child’s Motor Skills

Motor skills are something that we can help our children exercise at home. I don’t have a written out motor skill curriculum for your children, but I would like to share with you some examples of how I exercise my children’s gross and fine motor skills —...


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