Giveaway: ZOOMA Florida Race Registration and One-Night Stay

 Don’t these ladies look like they’re having the times of their lives? Well, you could be just like them in October because we are giving what might just be our coolest and amazing giveaway ever … registration to the ZOOMA Summer Challenge and ZOOMA Florida (half marathon, 12K or 5K) — and a one-night stay...

Sprint Set Swim Workout

Swimming is a sport that brings out a lot of feelings among athletes. I find that a lot of people who swam as a kid found themselves burned out — and so, even now, if I ask them to join me for a swim workout, they make a...

Giveaway: 10 Essential Items for Your Home Gym

Wouldn’t it be cool to have a home gym stocked with the essentials? One that just, like, arrived at your doorstep? via GIPHY Well, guess, what? In honor of our 10-year birthday (get all the deets and special posts here) and because you guys are awesome, we’ve taken our affiliate relationship with ProSource to the...

Bench Press Form: How to Keep Your Butt From Coming Off the Bench

by Jordan Syatt | Jan 10, 2016 | Coaches and Coaching: Tips For Trainers, Powerlifting, Powerlifting for Fat Loss, Westside Barbell | If you’ve ever struggled to keep your glutes on the bench during the bench press, pay attention and watch the short video below because I’m going to show you exactly how...

The 10-10-10 Workout

We all have our birthday traditions, right? via GIPHY Some folks start their big day with a special breakfast, while others take the day off work to do something exciting (or relaxing — which can actually be pretty exciting if your everyday life doesn’t really allow for that, right?). via GIPHY Us? Well, we think a birthday...

6 Places to Visit With Your Kids This Summer

Summer is fun. Summer liberates my schedule from all the errands, homework, and worries that the school year brings. Oh, wait. I’m a mom … not a teenager counting down the days until I can sleep in until noon. I’m not my 5-year-old making plans for all the...

Giveaway: Brooks Running Apparel From Head to Toe

We’re kicking off our 10th birthday with an amazing giveaway (and so much more — catch it all right here!), thanks to our friends at Brooks Running. Our love of all things Brooks Running is no secret. We dig the brand so much that we’ve been Brooks ambassadors and an affiliate for years. I mean,...

Optimal Rest Periods for Fat Loss

If you’re like most people you’re already tracking exercises, reps, and weight, you’re neglecting a huge part of your part loss program: Exercise rest periods. Luckily, I have guidelines to get you back on track...

How to Get Back to the Gym After a Long Break

Few feelings are as frustrating as making progress when you get back to the gym, only to see it all slip away.You work your ass off, for a while. You reap the rewards, for a while. And then things go downhill in the “back to the gym” department.You invest time and effort to...

Self Massager Products We’re Digging

I didn’t get my first professional massage until I was well into my 20s. There were a few reasons — I’ve always been a bit weird about personal space and people touching me, for one, plus it took me a while to really understand the true value...


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