Deadlift Technique 101: Tackling the Most Common Mistake

by Jordan Syatt | Jan 21, 2016 | Coaches and Coaching: Tips For Trainers, Deadlifts, Powerlifting, Powerlifting for Fat Loss, Sports Performance, Westside Barbell | Is deadlifting 2x, 3x, or even 4x your body weight a long-term goal you’d like to hit within the next year? Are you ever nervous you’re going to...

What Antibiotics Do and Don’t Treat (And Why It’s Really Important To Use Them Correctly)

This is a post prepared under a contract funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and written on behalf of the Mom It Forward Influencer Network for use in CDC’s Be Antibiotics Aware educational effort. Opinions on this blog are my own and do not...

Podcast Ep 94: PCOS Diva, Amy Medling

For more than 10 years, Amy Medling (AKA: the PCOS Diva) has worked exclusively with women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, or PCOS. A certified health coach, she has developed a nutrition and lifestyle program that helps women gain control of their health, fertility, happiness, and femininity. If...

How to Make the Most of the Mushroom Trend

One of my favorite lame jokes is: Why did the mushroom get invited to every party? Because he’s a fungi! via GIPHY I know, I know. It’s terrible and awesome at the same time, right? But, it’s also a really great way to introduce today’s subject: MUSHROOMS. Because mushrooms are having a moment in...

BBQ Wild Alaska Salmon Flatbread

When you think of salmon, what comes to mind? Blackened? Grilled on a plank? How about on a pizza? This recipe for BBQ Wild Alaska Salmon Flatbread from Wild Alaska Seafood is pretty darn simple — especially if you plan ahead and have some cooked, crumbled bacon and caramelized onions...

How to Build a Campfire

For outdoor wilderness enthusiasts, balmy summer weather is a reason to celebrate. My friends and I love soaking up the summer sun out on the lake or river. We try to take full advantage of gorgeous summer days by playing outside as much as possible — and...

Yoga to Boost Your Strength and Courage

We all have those days when we don’t feel quite like ourselves — like something’s a little off and we’re  not feeling our usual level of awesomeness. I’ve been there, too — so many times. Sometimes I know why (not enough sleep, being overworked, too much … AHEM...

Case Closed: 11 Reasons To Do Intermittent Fasting

As far as I’m concerned, the debate is over and the verdict is in.Intermittent fasting is an incredibly powerful fat loss strategy because it provides structure frustrated dieters need to lose fat, yet...

How to Ritualize Your Regular Routine

If you think that in order to create a ritual in your life you must burn sage and invoke specific deities with special mantras, think again. The act of ritual is simply bringing awareness to whatever you’re doing so that it elevates the activity and raises your...

These New Workout Tracks Are on Fire

It may be freakin’ cold outside. via GIPHY But these new workout tracks? They are en fuego! via GIPHY Solara, Smashing Pumpkins The Pumpkins are back and rocking, yo. Superlove, Whethan featuring Oh Wonder Not crazy fast, but with a good beat, you might say we have … wait for it … superlove for...


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