4 Tweaks to Make Yoga More Ahhh-Mazing

You love yoga. We love yoga. And this guest post from Kelly DiNardo, author of Living the Sutras (which she’ll be discussing on our podcast in the very near future), freelance journalist and owner of Past Tense yoga studio in Washington, D.C., shares four unique ways you can get even...

New Deadlift Drill for Advanced Lifters: Cable Lumbar Extensions

Before the internet shits itself because I’m rounding my back, this drill is not for beginner lifters or general fitness enthusiasts. The risk:reward just isn’t worth it for them and, realistically, they have much more important things to develop (core strength and control, hamstring & glute strength, blah blah blah). That being said, if you’re...

How Much Muscle Can You Gain In A Month?

Have you ever wondered, “how much muscle can you gain in a month?” It’s a question we hear often. Today, we’ll get you the answer. But first, I need to warn you: You’re going...

Does Your Child Have an Eating Disorder?

Today’s post comes from Jillian Lampert who has a PhD, MPH, RD, LD, FAED and is the chief strategy officer for The Emily Program, a specialized eating disorder treatment program with locations in Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Washington. She has worked for The Emily Program since 2006...

Rapid Fat Loss: It Actually Works Pretty Damn Well

They get a bad reputation — especially among some of the fitness goo roos — but rapid fat loss protocols actually work pretty damn well.  Are they for everyone? No. Should they be done for long periods of time? Absolutely not. Are they comfortable or fun? Lol, no. BUT… Used carefully and sparingly, rapid fat loss protocols work very well, especially for people who...

5 Things That Have Helped Me Love Myself

I once read that self-acceptance comes before self-love. I didn’t understand what that meant when I first read it — I thought self-acceptance and self-love was one and the same. Now that I have been consistent with my self-care practice for 70-plus days, I understand that accepting...

The Power of Saying ‘I Am’ to Build Confidence

While the words “I am” have long been used for empowerment and manifestation, it wasn’t until I heard Oprah Winfrey talking about it in her Lifeclass that I took notice. When she said that whatever follows the words “I am” will come looking for you, it gave...

5 Ways to Practice Self Compassion

If you practice yoga then you’ve most likely heard the instructor talking about compassion. It’s rooted in the sutras as one of the ways to purify the mind. You may have even adopted this practice into your own arsenal, keeping it close in your heart near kindness...

Tips & Tricks for a Healthy BBQ Everyone Loves

One of my favorite ways to spend a summer (or fall or spring, for that matter) night is to invite some friends and family over, open a bottle of wine or two, fire up the grill, put on some good tunes and have a barbecue. Now, considering...

3 Healthy Ways to Take Your Cold Brew Coffee

I’ve always found the expression “How do you take your coffee?” to be odd. Like, why am I “taking” coffee? Because I love coffee. And “taking” it seems disrespectful. Like, shouldn’t I just politely ask if I can add cream to it? Or leave it be in...


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