You *May* Enjoy These New Workout Tunes …

Catch the bad pun in the headline?Yeah, we’re corny like that.But, seriously, you really may like the following 10 new workout tunes. We know we do!Feels Right, Grace GracieIt definitely feels right to work out to — and include — this one, especially since she did this for all of us!123456, Fitz and...

Products You’ll Love That Also Give Back

We all know that there is power in money — particularly in how you use it. And these products? Well, not only do they rock, but they give back, giving your money even more power. Which is something that we think is pretty darn rad.Made for Freedom Yoga Mat BagsCause: provide job skills,...

Hot and Healthy Summer Food Trends

Some summer trends we’re seeing right now leave us lukewarm — like, are we honestly doing this again? But others — especially those in the health food realm — have us more like:via GIPHYHere are a few that have us psyched to see what other goodies summer has in store!Yogurt That Goes Beyond...

Podcast Ep 111: Nealy Fischer, The Flexible Chef

Nealy Fischer, who you might better know as The Flexible Chef, inspires people all over the globe to live a healthier, well-rounded lifestyle. Armed with a “little black book” of favorite recipes, workout methods, yogis and health professionals, she founded MAYYA, which runs luxury wellness events across Asia.Nealy describes herself as a recovering...

7 Budget-Friendly Tips for Your Next Family Vacation

Although I’m pretty homebound from now until the twins make their debut (also the reason why I’ll be Skyping in for this!), now that summer is just around the corner, I’m thinking of all the summer family vacations yet to come. Disney is always up there as a dream, along with any destination...

This Gym Prides Itself on Being Size Inclusive

We chatted about size inclusivity in gyms and what fitness professionals can do to better support body neutrality and positivity in this recent podcast episode. That chat got so much buzz that we wanted to keep the convo going. Because if there’s one thing we’d like to do in this world, we’d like...

Healthy Eating Made Easy With Daily Harvest

Healthy food subscription boxes are hot right now, and I recently had a chance to review one that I found to be extremely cool — Daily Harvest.Daily Harvest is a weekly or monthly plan that delivers frozen, plant-based and farm-fresh smoothies, soups, Harvest Bowls, oat bowls, chia bowls, and lattes to your door....

Tidying Up in My Own Way

Have you been watching “Tidying Up?” If so you’ve probably been so inspired that you’ve made piles of your possessions, held them tight to see if they spark joy, and said “thank you” or “bye” to those that don’t. Perhaps you’ve even organized your drawers, folding each item with such care and attention.If...

Beyond Tea and Toast: Raw Local Honey Benefits

Honey is probably the sweetener I reach for most often (well, maybe tied with pure maple syrup, anyway). I love it in tea, I often drizzle a little on toast or a buttered English muffin, and it adds just the right amount of sweetness to plain Greek yogurt with fruit and chia seeds....

Ali Landry on Being a ‘Happy Mom’

Do you consider yourself a “happy mom?” And, what does it take to really be happy as a mother?For celeb mom-of-three Ali Landry, it has a lot to do with balance — and pursing your personal passions alongside other supportive women. Which is exactly what she’ll be talking about at the Happy Mom...


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