Kombucha, The Super Healthy Tea You've Never Heard Of

We can’t promise you’ll enjoy the taste of kombucha— it’s fermented tea, after all—but you’ll appreciate its ample health benefits.  Why is a beverage that has notes of vinegar and beer-soaked cigarettes flying off shelves at six dollars a bottle at health-food markets?...

Stretches for Tight Hips

You may not have even heard of the psoas muscle, but you’d be surprised how much you use it throughout the day, especially during workouts. The psoas is a long, spindly tissue that runs from your lower spine to your pelvis, and is part of the hip flexor group. “Any time you lift your knee,...

Training Tips to Rehab a Back Injury

“The biggest challenge for most weightlifters with a back injury is having enough patience to fully recover before resuming their intense workouts,” says Daniel Lucas, co-founder of Nimble Fitness, a boutique strength-and-conditioning facility in New York City. If deeper stabilizing muscles are...

WWE’s Bella Twins Get Personal with M&F

Brie and Nikki shed some light on their passions, personal lives and hit TV show 'Total Bellas'.They’re beautiful, talented, super fit and love to work out. It’s no wonder Muscle & Fitness put them on the cover of this month’s October issue.  From their success in the squared circle to their E! Network hit show Total...


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