How A Busy Colorado Attorney Deadlifted 435 pounds and Built Six Pack Abs Without Living In The Gym

If you’re like most people you want to look great naked without living in the gym.  Fitness can’t consume your life; rather, it must improve how you look, feel, and perform.This is Rob...

75 Gluten-Free Snacks for Kids

If you’ve got a kiddo who’s gluten-free or celiac snack-time can be, well, a bit of a minefield. via GIPHY Because you want your kiddo to feel included and normal — but when they can’t eat the animal crackers being passed around playgroup … via GIPHY Not to mention that the...

Podcast Ep 101: Ultra Runner Entrepreneur Jax Mariash

Get ready for some caffeination and motivation in this ep with ultra runner and coffee entrepreneur Jax Mariash. Because, wow, does this woman have an amazing amount of energy and wisdom to spare! Jax is a professional ultra runner who was the first woman in the world to...

5 Ways to Upgrade Your Fit Life

Everyone loves a good upgrade, right? via GIPHY But, hey, upgrades aren’t just for airplanes or rental cars or hotels. They can also be for your fit life. via GIPHY And we’ve got five fun upgrades that we recently tried and think are pretty rad. via GIPHY Upgrade Your Sports Bra There tend to...

How to Start Conversations That Don’t Suck

I talk about the weather a lot. But, you know, I live in Florida, so it tends to be at the forefront of our minds — in the cooler months we discuss how grateful we are to not have all the snow our friends and families up...

Our Best Gluten-Free Holiday Baking Tips

I’ve been doing the gluten-free thing for more than five years now. via GIPHY Which also means that I’ve been baking gluten-free holiday treats for more than five years now. via GIPHY In that time, I’ve had some massive gluten-free holiday baking successes. via GIPHY And, some epically bad baking failures. via GIPHY And, I’ve...

5 Ways to Harness Your Mom Superpowers

Adita Yrizarry-Lang is a SuperPower aficionado and mother of 2. With more than 30 years of experience in health and wellness, her endeavors include everything from biomechanics and resistance training expert to being a mind-body coach and author of SuperPowers: A Busy Woman’s Guide to Health and Happiness....

Workout I Did: 15 in 15

It’s possible to spend a lot of times building out a workout. You can use all kinds of equipment, determine how many reps you want to do for each, break it all down into supersets, really focus on specific muscles working in very particular ways, create brand...

These New Workout Tracks Are on Fire

It may be freakin’ cold outside. via GIPHY But these new workout tracks? They are en fuego! via GIPHY Solara, Smashing Pumpkins The Pumpkins are back and rocking, yo. Superlove, Whethan featuring Oh Wonder Not crazy fast, but with a good beat, you might say we have … wait for it … superlove for...

Strength Training: The Ultimate Fountain of Youth

We’ve all heard this one before: “Wait until you’re my age. You’ll pay for all that heavy lifting later.” To make it worse, the remark usually comes from an “old guy” in the gym...


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