Unique Ways to Get Your Collagen

Collagen, collagen, collagen. via GIPHY Every where I go and every time I scroll, it seems like people just can’t get enough collagen. via GIPHY I get it. With purported benefits such as improving everything from gut health to to cardio health to joint health, it is the current hotness in...

Why You Should Send Your Kid to Summer Camp

I was lucky enough to go to a fantastic summer camp as a kid. My mom, being the savvy lady that she is, negotiated a deal with an all-girls outdoor wilderness camp near Bemidji, Minn., Camp Birchwood. My mom would work as the camp nurse and her...

Podcast Ep 86: Ultrarunners Scott and Jenny Jurek

If you are in the market for some mountain-sized, kick-ass motivation, this is the ep for you! We were lucky enough to chat with Scott and Jenny Jurek about their epic running adventures under occasionally hellacious circumstances. Scott is one of the greatest long distance runners of...

Make This Summer Your Healthiest Yet With the 10 in 4 Challenge

It’s getting hot in herre … so be your healthiest yet. via GIPHY Wait. That’s not how it goes? via GIPHY But that’s how we think it should go because we’re about to launch our summer edition of the 10 in 4 Challenge and, ladies, it’s going to be just like...

New Athleisure Looks You’ll Love (Because We Sure Do!)

Hey, girl. You are looking good. Exactly as you are. via GIPHY But, if you’re looking for a new athleisure look — you know, just for funsies, we have some suggestions. Because we’ve been wearing the below A LOT and are really loving them — and think you will,...

Sprint Set Swim Workout

Swimming is a sport that brings out a lot of feelings among athletes. I find that a lot of people who swam as a kid found themselves burned out — and so, even now, if I ask them to join me for a swim workout, they make a...

The Power of Saying ‘I Am’ to Build Confidence

While the words “I am” have long been used for empowerment and manifestation, it wasn’t until I heard Oprah Winfrey talking about it in her Lifeclass that I took notice. When she said that whatever follows the words “I am” will come looking for you, it gave...

Optimal Rest Periods for Fat Loss

If you’re like most people you’re already tracking exercises, reps, and weight, you’re neglecting a huge part of your part loss program: Exercise rest periods. Luckily, I have guidelines to get you back on track...

This Cooking Web Series Is Adorably Addictive

Do you guys remember when Kristen shared this Tiny House Cooking recipe? via GIPHY Well, every time we’d talk about it or mention it in our editorial meetings, I’d always think of the web series Tiny Kitchen and be, like, OMG, Kristen, you love that, too? via GIPHY And, every time, she’d...

6 Places to Visit With Your Kids This Summer

Summer is fun. Summer liberates my schedule from all the errands, homework, and worries that the school year brings. Oh, wait. I’m a mom … not a teenager counting down the days until I can sleep in until noon. I’m not my 5-year-old making plans for all the...


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