What’s Worrying Ever Done for You?

When was the last time worrying about something actually improved a situation? If I had to take a guess, in my case, it was sometime around … oh, the 12th of NEVER. via GIPHY And believe me when I say it’s had puh-len-TY of opportunities to step up to the...

A List to Feed Your Foodie Wanderlust

It’s no secret that Americans love dining out — for the past three years, we’ve spent more money at restaurants than at grocery stores. Surprisingly, foodie nirvana New York City is a few notches down on the latest list of top foodie cities, compiled by financial site WalletHub....

5 Ways to Make Bathtime Even More Fun

Remember — pre-kids — when bathtime used to be like more like this? via GIPHY And, now, well, they’re a little more like this: via GIPHY Or this: via GIPHY Us, too. So, to make them a little more like this: via GIPHY We give you these tips on how to make bathtime a little...

Surprising Benefits of Yoga and Wellness Retreats

Today’s guest post comes from RetreatHub, a company devoted to making it easy for retreat organizers to find the perfect venue for their event. Often, our daydreams take us to a sunny beach in Cancun or urban hiking through the streets of Italy — or whatever the next...

The Pros and Cons of Pursuing Higher Ed

Higher education is a hot topic, because despite the U.S. economy and job market fairing well, many new graduates are finding it difficult to secure a job after graduation. As of just a couple of years ago, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics found that the percentage...

How to Make the Most of the Mushroom Trend

One of my favorite lame jokes is: Why did the mushroom get invited to every party? Because he’s a fungi! via GIPHY I know, I know. It’s terrible and awesome at the same time, right? But, it’s also a really great way to introduce today’s subject: MUSHROOMS. Because mushrooms are having a moment in...

How Parenting Is Like Training a Dog

Parenting, in some ways, can be compared to training a dog. via GIPHY (Before you judge me for comparing raising children to training an animal, know that the comparison comes from a good place in my heart. I love my children and I love animals, particularly dogs.) I used to...

Podcast Ep 97: Dr. Bradley Nelson of The Emotion Code

Whether you’ve spent hours pondering the connection between emotional pain and your health or if you are hearing this idea for the first time now, you’ll want to tune right in for this enlightening ep with Dr. Bradley Nelson, author of The Emotion Code. Dr. Nelson began...

CrossFit and Powerlifting: Are These Competitions for You?

I never saw myself becoming a competitive CrossFit athlete prior to signing up for my first competition a year ago. My friend, Katie Kecman, says the same thing about the powerlifting meets she’s been participating in for the past year. And yet, here we are, both of...

Why Good Vibes Matter (and How to Get ‘Em in Your Life)

Mindset has a lot to do with how we perform, whether it be physically or mentally. A car isn’t expected to run without the right kind of fuel, so don’t expect to function without the right mentality. It’s no secret that the power of positivity can move mountains,...


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