3 Healthy Ways to Take Your Cold Brew Coffee

I’ve always found the expression “How do you take your coffee?” to be odd. Like, why am I “taking” coffee? Because I love coffee. And “taking” it seems disrespectful. Like, shouldn’t I just politely ask if I can add cream to it? Or leave it be in...

6 Places to Visit With Your Kids This Summer

Summer is fun. Summer liberates my schedule from all the errands, homework, and worries that the school year brings. Oh, wait. I’m a mom … not a teenager counting down the days until I can sleep in until noon. I’m not my 5-year-old making plans for all the...

2018 Fitties: The Best Fitness- and Health-Related Products We’ve Tried

It’s our birfday week so you know what that means … via GIPHY Well, yes, obviously. But it also means … it’s Fitties time! via GIPHY In case you’re new to the Fitties game or need a refresher, the Fitties are basically our version of the Oscars. And we give them out to only the best-of-the-best fitness- and health-related products...

The Soundtrack for Your (Awesome) June Workouts

It’s June. It’s hot. And your workouts are about to get pumped UP with these eight new tracks. Consider this new playlist the soundtrack to your best workouts of the month! Nice For What, Drake If you don’t mind some f-bombs, this is nice for a workout. (See what...

Rethinking the 8-Hour Workday

At the turn of the 20th century, the eight-hour workday was a triumph for labor activists. Prior to this set schedule, laborers often faced little pay, harsh working conditions, and exhausting hours. While the eight-hour workday came out of a humanitarian labor movement and uplifted the Industrial...

How to Build Eye-Popping V-Line Abs

“Bro. I don’t care about getting stronger. That’s been easy for me. I just want to see my abs for the first time.” Sound familiar? It does to me. I regularly hear something like...

Nailing the Godmother Game From Afar

The role of the godparent has, in many cases, expanded far beyond being involved in a kid’s religious upbringing, and often, being considered an auntie has less to do with being sharing the same relatives and more to do with sharing a deep bond with the offspring...

How to Ritualize Your Regular Routine

If you think that in order to create a ritual in your life you must burn sage and invoke specific deities with special mantras, think again. The act of ritual is simply bringing awareness to whatever you’re doing so that it elevates the activity and raises your...

Case Closed: 11 Reasons To Do Intermittent Fasting

As far as I’m concerned, the debate is over and the verdict is in.Intermittent fasting is an incredibly powerful fat loss strategy because it provides structure frustrated dieters need to lose fat, yet...

What It’s Really Like to Train for a CrossFit Competition

Credit: Mike Cadotte, MidAtlantic Photography So I did a thing … well, two things actually. Let me back up a bit first. At the end of last year, I felt myself wanting a change. I mean, I really love running but I was feeling less and less inspired by...


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