5 Ways to Turn Your Irritation Into Mindfulness

Although it may seem ridiculous, turning irritation into mindfulness will allow you to quickly get over an annoying incident and be much happier in the end. Recently, I was given this challenge at home. My daughter, who had her hair dyed pink, took a shower and left the white...

Podcast Ep 83: “Chasing Slow” With Erin Loechner

Slow gets a bad rap — but in today’s interview, we learn that sometimes the best path to happiness isn’t found in the fast lane. In this episode, we talk with Erin Loechner, founder of Design for Mankind and author of Chasing Slow: Courage to Journey Off the Beaten Path....

What Antibiotics Do and Don’t Treat (And Why It’s Really Important To Use Them Correctly)

This is a post prepared under a contract funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and written on behalf of the Mom It Forward Influencer Network for use in CDC’s Be Antibiotics Aware educational effort. Opinions on this blog are my own and do not...

How to Hit the Gym Like an Elite Beast

While in Seattle with Brooks Running last month for their Run Happy Blog Ambassador trip, I not only had a chance to hit the Burke-Gilman Trail for a run with Hannah Fields, professional middle distance runner for the Brooks Beasts Track Club — but I also had...

3 Easy Ways to Live Green and Make a Difference

Environmentalism and clean living go together like peanut butter and jelly, mimosas and brunch, yin and yang. Here are three small ways you can make a positive environmental impact. Cut the Meat According to research by Oxford Martin School, the widespread adoption of a plant-based diet would cut food-related...

How to Get Back to the Gym After a Long Break

Few feelings are as frustrating as making progress when you get back to the gym, only to see it all slip away.You work your ass off, for a while. You reap the rewards, for a while. And then things go downhill in the “back to the gym” department.You invest time and effort to...

15 Workout Songs We’re Celebrating Our Birthday With

Next week, we’re turning 10. Ten! A whole decade of Fit Bottomedness up in here. And because this is, ahem, a big deal (with — teaser — a pretty big announcement!), we are getting this party started off right … and early. via GIPHY And we’re doing it the best way we know how: with...

7 Hot New Workout Jams for July

We’re coming up on another hot month. via GIPHY So, here are some new hot tracks to help you to keep burning up those workouts! (And — pssst! — if you need workouts to do, we’ve got a slew of free ones here.) via GIPHY Sangria Wine, Pharrell Williams & Camila...

Podcast Ep 91: Florida State Rep. Margaret Good

Florida Democratic state Rep. Margaret Good became a huge media story on February 13, 2018, when she won her seat in a special election for District 72 (a district with a republican-leaning history). The Sarasota resident, who is also a Leader of the Florida Bar, took the big leap...

Rapid Fat Loss: It Actually Works Pretty Damn Well

They get a bad reputation — especially among some of the fitness goo roos — but rapid fat loss protocols actually work pretty damn well.  Are they for everyone? No. Should they be done for long periods of time? Absolutely not. Are they comfortable or fun? Lol, no. BUT… Used carefully and sparingly, rapid fat loss protocols work very well, especially for people who...


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