The Dirty Bulk: Five Reasons To Do A Clean Bulk

Of all the dumb fitness ideas out there, the dirty bulk is one of the dumbest.  That may seem like an extreme statement, but trust me on this one. After all, I used to...

Giveaway: 10 Essential Items for Your Home Gym

Wouldn’t it be cool to have a home gym stocked with the essentials? One that just, like, arrived at your doorstep? via GIPHY Well, guess, what? In honor of our 10-year birthday (get all the deets and special posts here) and because you guys are awesome, we’ve taken our affiliate relationship with ProSource to the...

6 Places to Visit With Your Kids This Summer

Summer is fun. Summer liberates my schedule from all the errands, homework, and worries that the school year brings. Oh, wait. I’m a mom … not a teenager counting down the days until I can sleep in until noon. I’m not my 5-year-old making plans for all the...

Yoga to Boost Your Strength and Courage

We all have those days when we don’t feel quite like ourselves — like something’s a little off and we’re  not feeling our usual level of awesomeness. I’ve been there, too — so many times. Sometimes I know why (not enough sleep, being overworked, too much … AHEM...

Bench Press: Why It’s Not Just For Dudes (And How You Can Get Better At It)

Today’s guest post comes from my good friend and fellow coach, Jennifer Vogelgesang Blake (JVB). One of the smartest, kindest, and strongest people I know, JVB wrote this phenomenal piece that coincides with launch of her new program, Unapologetically Powerful which is on sale at a low introductory price through this Friday. You can learn more about...

Optimal Rest Periods for Fat Loss

If you’re like most people you’re already tracking exercises, reps, and weight, you’re neglecting a huge part of your part loss program: Exercise rest periods. Luckily, I have guidelines to get you back on track...

2018 Mommies: The Best Products for Moms, Kids and Families

In case you haven’t heard, it’s an exciting week here in the Fit Bottomed World … it’s birthday week over at Fit Bottomed Girls! And while we’re going to be unveiling a pretty big and exciting new change soon (squeal!), today we’re gonna help FBG party by...

All Together Now: The Story Behind the FBG Redesign

As you guys know, it’s been a decade of FBG, and there have been a lot of changes up in here over the years. But the one we are MOST excited to share with you today (and, if you’re reading this, you should be seeing it RIGHT...

Podcast Ep 86: Ultrarunners Scott and Jenny Jurek

If you are in the market for some mountain-sized, kick-ass motivation, this is the ep for you! We were lucky enough to chat with Scott and Jenny Jurek about their epic running adventures under occasionally hellacious circumstances. Scott is one of the greatest long distance runners of...

15 Heart Stopping Body Transformations (And The Dirty Truth About “Online Personal Training”)

Online personal training has exploded over the past 5-years and I think it’s one of the greatest things that’s ever happened to the fitness industry. Some coaches say it isn’t nearly as effective as in-person training. But I disagree. I’d even go so far as to say online personal training is MORE effective than in-person. I could give you...


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