4 Beginner-Friendly Barbell Moves

The top floor of my gym is mostly just a line of lifting platforms and barbells — and this is where I spend most of my time when I’m there. There isn’t much in this world that makes me feel more badass than lifting a heavy barbell....

YogaClub Review: Affordable Om Fashion in a Box That Gives Back

Everyone loves getting packages in the mail. And packages that contain a full, beautiful workout outfit, curated by a stylist just for you with your specific needs and likes in mind? We call that winning. Big time. I got my first YogaClub box about a month ago, and,...

Podcast Ep 86: Ultrarunners Scott and Jenny Jurek

If you are in the market for some mountain-sized, kick-ass motivation, this is the ep for you! We were lucky enough to chat with Scott and Jenny Jurek about their epic running adventures under occasionally hellacious circumstances. Scott is one of the greatest long distance runners of...

The 3 Physique Coaching Tactics A Busy Entrepreneur Used To Reveal His Abs

By Eric Bach Matt Brenner, the owner of a Martial Arts studio in Pennsylvania, has always been athletic and muscular. He’s a disciplined lifelong athlete. So you may be wondering what prompted Matt to...

Nine Simple Sleep Strategies for Busy Weightlifters

Tell me if this sounds familiar:You’re a hard charger. You get up early, you stay up late, and you push yourself physically, mentally, and professionally. You rarely miss a workout and if you...

2018 Noshies: The Best Food, Beverage and Kitchen Products

It’s party time in the Fit Bottomed World! We’re celebrating our birthday week over at Fit Bottomed Girls with fantastic giveaways, great content, and some pretty exciting news. And because all the best parties are full of deliciousness, we’re getting in on the action by announcing the winners of...

Discussing an Eating Disorder: Tips for a Successful Dialogue

Here’s a scary and rarely discussed stat: eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness and suicide rates are 23 percent higher in those with eating disorders than in the general population. In addition, for those with eating disorders, rates of death are elevated...

Giveaway: Inspire Bath Self-Care Set

Inspire Bath has been a sponsor of the site and our podcast for months now and we are so, so grateful to have the support of such an amazing company. Inspire Bath not only gives back to those in need but also helps to empower women in...

Follow These Organizing Tips for a Happier Life

Inspired by “Tidying Up” on Netflix? Us, too! And today, we have tips on how to get your KonMari on at home from Cathy Hannah Pérez, the 159th worldwide certified KonMari Organizing Consultant. Cathy coaches her clients through organizing projects (professional or personal) to create their best...

Rapid Fat Loss: It Actually Works Pretty Damn Well

They get a bad reputation — especially among some of the fitness goo roos — but rapid fat loss protocols actually work pretty damn well.  Are they for everyone? No. Should they be done for long periods of time? Absolutely not. Are they comfortable or fun? Lol, no. BUT… Used carefully and sparingly, rapid fat loss protocols work very well, especially for people who...


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