Reasons to Keep Swimming After Summer (and Water Safety Tips!)

If you’ve been following us on Instagram (@FitBottomedMama), you may seen a few posts or Insta stories about my daughter’s experience (and mind as well) at Goldfish Swim School. (Spoiler: They let her try two months of swim lessons on the house, and it’s been awesome!) And,...

Does This Wearable Really Deliver Mindfulness?

These days we’ve got trackers that monitor, well, just about everything: steps, workouts, heart rate, sleep, your dog’s activity … (We are truly living in the future.) via GIPHY And now we can add another thing to that trackable list (and it’s pretty darn cool): mindfulness. Yep, by monitoring breathing patterns that...

2018 Mommies: The Best Products for Moms, Kids and Families

In case you haven’t heard, it’s an exciting week here in the Fit Bottomed World … it’s birthday week over at Fit Bottomed Girls! And while we’re going to be unveiling a pretty big and exciting new change soon (squeal!), today we’re gonna help FBG party by...

4 Times When It Makes Sense to Take a Pay Cut

A fat salary can be hard to turn down, but there are many other factors to consider when pursuing a career. After all, at one point or another most of us will leave one job to explore another. Higher earning potential can send many of us looking for...

Healthy Obsession: Watermelon Everything

Summer came on fast and furiously here in the Washington, DC area — as it always does. And right on schedule, I found myself standing in the produce aisle on my weekly trip to the grocery store drooling over the watermelon stand. Nothing says summer like watermelon. But...

3 Treats for Your Feet

Running shoes are great — but they’re not the only thing your feet need. Unless, of course you’re Scott Jurek and running the entire Appalachian Trail, or something like that, in which case … I guess you might pretty much be in athletic sneakers 24/7. But the rest...

Protein for Dessert: 5 Delicious Ideas

Everyone likes dessert. via GIPHY But dessert that tastes great and has protein in it so that it helps to keep you full and doesn’t give you a big ol’ sugar crash like some sweet treats? via GIPHY Here are five types of protein-filled desserts doing that for us now. Right...

A Special Seattle Weekend With Brooks Running

It’s one thing to be pumped about a getting a package in the mail containing new running shoes and workout clothes from a beloved brand — but our ambassador role with Brooks Running goes way beyond that. We’ve embraced this role for six years now, and every...

New Athleisure Looks You’ll Love (Because We Sure Do!)

Hey, girl. You are looking good. Exactly as you are. via GIPHY But, if you’re looking for a new athleisure look — you know, just for funsies, we have some suggestions. Because we’ve been wearing the below A LOT and are really loving them — and think you will,...

4 Ways to Make Your Smoothie Even Cooler

Who here loves their daily smoothie? via GIPHY Even if you more or less make the same smoothie day after day (uhhh, guilty), there’s no reason you can’t switch up the nutrition you’re adding to that tall, cool glass of yum. Here are four options we’ve tried — and...


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