The Joy of Monotasking

We all want to get more done in less time, but could the answer to doing just that be ditching the multitasking altogether and putting our focus on just one thing at a time? Straight from the book Enjoy Time: Stop Rushing, Get More Done by Catherine Blyth, we have...

Sleep Better Tonight With This Tasty Tonic

You know you should stay hydrated for good health, and a book that recently landed on my desk for review makes it clear that you don’t have to sacrifice flavor when it comes to sipping on something super healthy. Anti-Inflammatory Drinks for Health by Maryea Flaherty, the founder...

How to Simplify Healthy Living for You and Your Family

Arlene Santiago is a Transformational Health Coach and mom of three. She helps moms who struggle with time (because there’s never enough, right?!) and low energy to discover a life of confidence and vitality. Arlene also helps those over age 50 who want to prevent injury, improve...

Ready to Commit to the Big Run?

This post is sponsored by Fleet Feet. For our sponsored post policy, click here. What motivates you to live an active life? I’m aware that the answer can be a bit complicated. You know how we feel about finding your big, meaningful, feel-it-in-your-soul why — that strong, internal motivation. It’s huge, and,...

Nine Simple Sleep Strategies for Busy Weightlifters

Tell me if this sounds familiar:You’re a hard charger. You get up early, you stay up late, and you push yourself physically, mentally, and professionally. You rarely miss a workout and if you...

The Secret to Taking Your Power Back from Dieting

You’ve watched our Tell It Like It Is videos. You’ve read our posts. You’ve listened to our podcast eps. And you are READY to kick dieting, all-or-nothing thinking, and any type of “change” that masquerades as healthy but is really just diet culture (remember, dieting goes by MANY...

7 Reasons You Should Get Your Butt to Hilton Head This May

Do you hear that? via GIPHY That’s the sound of a relaxed, confident, empowered, and healthy you doing yoga on the beach with the waves crashing behind you. via GIPHY Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? And it can be a reality. Because, in case you missed the announcement, we’re hosting a Love...

3 Intentions to Set Today

There’s living. And then there’s living with intention. To help us all do that a little bit better, here are a few tips straight from the book, How to Live with Intention by Meera Lester, which is a real-life guide to infusing daily activities with purpose, helping you to improve your sense...

My Experience Trying Green Chef

You know what I love about meal kit delivery services? The convenience — and the ability to make food that’s usually really delicious in a pretty minimal amount of time with zero grocery store shopping. You know what I don’t love about most meal kit delivery services? The waste. OMG,...

What to Do If You’re Pregnant and Can’t Pee at Night

So many incredible and amazing things happen when you’re pregnant. via GIPHY Then there are the not-so great ones. via GIPHY And, then, there are the downright WTF-is-happening ones. via GIPHY We’ll go ahead and put not-being-able-to-pee-at-night in the WTF-is-happening category because it happened to me around week 10 (thankfully it only lasted...


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