I’ve always found the expression “How do you take your coffee?” to be odd. Like, why am I “taking” coffee? Because I love coffee. And “taking” it seems disrespectful. Like, shouldn’t I just politely ask if I can add cream to it? Or leave it be in peace?



No matter your thoughts on the semantics of “taking your coffee,” today I’d like to share with you three new, healthy (and tasty!) ways to enjoy your cold brew coffee. With respect, of course.

I gotta tell you: I thought most cold brew coffee was good and honestly not that much different from one another. BUT. This brew changed all that for me. The flavor of this cold black coffee is smooth, rich, dark and with hints of chocolate, wood and vanilla. Without being sweet (again, it’s rich, dark coffee), it felt so decadent — almost like dessert. A seriously delicious cold brew that’s by far the best I’ve ever had on-the-go.

You’ve probably heard of the butter-in-your-coffee/Bulletproof trend, and this is a new, on-the-go, cold brew version of that. It’s hella convenient (although do be warned that you need to shake it very well, otherwise the butter and MCT oil gets stuck at the bottom, especially when it’s cold) and tastes rich and sweet. In addition to the coffee, butter and MCT oil, there’s also xylitol, chicory extract, carrageenan and salt added. I usually prefer my coffee black, so I wasn’t a huge fan of the sweetness, but if you like (or “take,” ahem) your coffee with sugar and digest xylitol well, you’ll probably dig it.

Ever make a protein smoothie and throw some coffee in it for extra flavor and energy? This is basically like that in a bottle. With 18 grams of plant-based protein (brown rice protein, pea protein, and hemp) and 4 grams of sugar (from organic cane sugar and monk fruit for sweetness), this cold brew is blended with almond milk and is rich, creamy and goes down way easy.

I’m not the only who has a weird thing with “take,” right? For the record, “take a shower” has always sounded weird to me, too.—Jenn

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